Bend Oregon Real Estate

I have lived in Bend Oregon for over six years now and I have been serving the Bend Oregon Real Estate Agents and Bokers as a webmaster. I have watched the Central oregon real estate market grow and I would like to share what I know about the Bend Oregon Region.

If you like Americana living and a slow pace, then Bend Oregon is for you. There is a saying there.
“there is normal time, and there is Central Oregon time”. The people are down to earth and the shools
are calm and not infected with large city problems like gangs and heavy drugs.

If your want to live in Bend, Oregon, You should know:

- The sun shines all the time, but can get cold in the winters.

- You need to learn how to say hello more to strangers.

- Do not be in a hurry, its Central Oregon.

- Your get a lot of real estate for your dollars..

Here is some important realities to know:

- Cost of living is the same as the cities, yet wages are lower.

- Bend Oregon does have pretty good medical support, however you may have to wait longer for appointments..

- People in Central Oregon really do know how to drive in the snow.

-Nothing stops when it snows, life goes on inclusing school.

Bend Oregon Real Estate is getting higher prices by the day, however is much lower than the big cities.
The hard part is how to mak a living. It is always best to have your own business to bring over, if possible.
Living in Central Oregon is good for the soul and good for the family.